Dylan O'Brien Reveals Lasting Emotional Impact Of His Terrifying 2016 Maze Runner Injury

Dylan O’Brien had to heal from more than just physical wounds in the aftermath of his horrible accident on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

For those who may not remember the scary 2016 incident, the Teen Wolf star was performing a stunt in a harness on top of a moving vehicle when he was unexpectedly pulled off and hit by another stunt car!

Dylan sustained severe injuries including brain trauma, a concussion, and facial fractures. Production came to a complete halt as he recovered and the film, which was was originally set to be released in February 2017,  was pushed to January 2018.

On Wednesday’s episode of the Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket, the Teen Wolf alum revealed the physical and emotional toll the injuries has had on him in the four and a half years since the accident.

Today, the 29-year-old is understandably hyper-vigilant about on-set safety:

“Whenever I’m putting on a rig, I’m vetting every piece of that rig and much more.”

Regardless of how safe he might feel when using a rig or doing any stunts, O’Brien understandably revealed it still affects him mentally:

“Even to this day, if I’m on set and I’m doing a stunt, if I’m in a rig, if there’s some action going on, I am slightly irritable. There is a degree of anxiety in me that I don’t think there’s ever not going to be.”

It makes sense the poor guy could have some degree of post traumatic stress disorder. This may have been a film stunt, but it very nearly cost him his life!

But it’s not just his professional life that’s changed since the injury! Dylan noted how it’s made him reconsider his personal relationships, too:

“I had friends that were so dear to me that I had felt that I had neglected for years. All of a sudden, it was very important to me to nurture those relationships and not lose them. I think that it absolutely completely rewires and restructures the way you see your life and what you deem important.”

The New York native previously spoke about his “overwhelming” recovery process during a sit-down with Vulture in 2017, which included psychological struggles over relying on others to care for him:

“I had lost a lot of function, just in my daily routine. I wasn’t even at a point where I felt like I could handle social situations, let alone showing up and being responsible for work every day. Long hours on set, delivering a performance and carrying a movie … it just makes your palms sweat.”

He continued (below):

“And then there was a part of me, too, that was feeling pressured and stressed out by the mere fact that I had all of these people still emailing me, checking in. I would get so f**king mad. Like if ever I heard from a producer seeing when I’d be able to get back on set, I’d f**king go nuts. It would really, really piss me off.”

We hope with time Dylan will continue to heal from this traumatic experience! He’s brave for continuing to face these challenges, including opening up about them.

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