Eagles Star Jason Kelce Slams Ben Simmons Over 76ers Drama, 'Play Better, Man'

Eagles star Jason Kelce clearly ain’t pleased with the way Ben Simmons is handling business with the Sixers … telling reporters Thursday he thinks the NBA star should shut up and “play better.”

Simmons has been a problem in Philly for the past few months — wanting out of the city so badly, he actually got thrown out of practice this week and then suspended by the team.

Kelce, though, says he’s got the perfect solution for Simmons to fix all the woes — and it’s simply to just be a better basketball player.

“Everybody can bitch and complain about how tough this city is to play in — just play better, man,” the 33-year-old Eagles O-lineman said. “This city will love you.”

Kelce added, “If I go out there and play really good, nobody’s going to have any choice but to love me or appreciate me as a player.”

Seems Simmons really ain’t even down to try that route … ’cause the point guard was spotted at Sixers practice this week loafing around and appearing to go through drills with his phone in his pocket.

And, with the 25-year-old’s star teammate, Joel Embiid, saying he “doesn’t care about” Simmons anymore … it all looks like the guy will be jettisoned soon.

For Kelce — who’s Travis Kelce‘s big bro, by the way — he clearly thinks that’s a shame … and perhaps even a cowardly way to bow out of Philadelphia.

“It’s a travesty any way you put it,” Jason said … “It’s a pretty good example of how to not handle the Philly media at the very least.”

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