Elton John Admits He Fed His Male Guests Cocaine to Seduce Them

The ‘Rocket Man’ hitmaker calls cocaine his aphrodisiac to fuel his sexual appetite and admits that he gave it to his house guests in order to seduce them.

AceShowbizElton John began experimenting with cocaine to help whet his sexual appetite.

In his new memoir “Me: Elton John”, the “Rocket Man” singer opened up about his struggles with addiction, but revealed he first looked to cocaine to fuel his insatiable sexual appetite.

“I found it was an aphrodisiac, which is strange, because for most people it kills the erection side of things completely,” he mused. “Never a problem for me, I’m afraid. Quite the opposite. If I took enough coke I could stay hard for days.”

The “Tiny Dancer” hitmaker confessed he loved the drug because it “takes all the inhibitions out of people… even straight guys sometimes,” and revealed he’d feed it to house guests to seduce them.

“I mostly used the snooker room to seduce guys. Strip snooker! It usually seemed to do the trick, especially after a couple of lines of coke,” he penned.

However, Elton insisted he still wasn’t particularly active when it came to sex, opting for a more voyeuristic approach – which he claimed helped him avoid contracting HIV.

“I just watched, took Polaroids, organised things,” the star, now 72, added. “If I had been (having sex), I’d almost certainly be dead.”

The rocker’s memoir is out now.

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