'FBOY Island' Stars Sarah Emig & Garrett Morosky Reunite, Talk Second Chances

F-boys are coming out on top in a big way — we got ‘FBOY Island’ star Sarah Emig hanging with Garrett Morosky in L.A. … despite the fact he embarrassed her on TV, and she claimed to be done with him.

The bitter exes — or so we thought — from the HBO Max reality dating show were together at an Erewhon in L.A. Tuesday, and we caught them red-handed as they were going in with another co-star, Greg.

Sooo many questions to be asked, starting with … is Sarah actually giving Garrett a second chance??? Watch the clip, they tried to keep it all on the DL, but Sarah did admit “I wanna hear him out. I wanna hear what he has to say.”

We also asked if Garrett had done everything he needed to get Sarah to forgive him, and he copped to coming up short in that department. Based on what they’re telling us here — Garrett still needs to give Sarah some sort of formal apology.

Still, the fact they’re looking chummy again is a full 180 from what Sarah told us just a couple days ago — namely, that she’s done with GM … after he suggested a reconciliation could happen.

It would appear Garrett was right, and he’s more of a smooth talker than we realized.

F-boys winning. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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