Flight attendants reveal gross reason why you shouldn’t walk barefoot in planes

Going barefoot during a flight is unlikely to make you friends, but if you plan on walking down the plane aisle then flight attendants suggest you put your shoes back on, or face disgusting consequences.

In fact, members of cabin crew have revealed just why it’s so gross to walk around barefoot in an aircraft and it’s not just out of respect to your fellow passengers.

According to flight attendants on Reddit , the aircraft floors are filthy. We’re not talking merely the dirt that comes with hundreds of passengers walking through the aisle every day.

We’re talking dirt, grime and the remaining germs after passengers have ‘accidents’ in the aisle and toilets.

User Seeyou_Never writes: "DO NOT WALK AROUND BAREFOOT. Pee and poop happens, all over. I feel like I witness an "accident" regularly; in their seat or in the lav. People get nose bleeds, or their wounds open. Obviously when we land, it is thoroughly cleaned. But inflight our resources are limited."

If you are walking to the toilet, the cabin crew members highly recommend that you keep your shoes on or risk facing the germs left in there by previous users.

CaptGarfield explained: "I cringe every time I see a passenger walk in a lavatory with bare feet or socks. The planes are generally turned around in less that 20 minutes before they are boarded again and rarely receive more than a quick scrub in the bathroom floor."

So yes, although the bathrooms do get a regular clean, that doesn’t guarantee that all of the dirt and germs will be eliminated.

You wouldn’t walk around a public toilet barefoot – so why take the risk when you’re on a plane?

Oh and just in case you are still unsure, one user stresses: "Former flight attendant here. Keep your shoes on. Keep. Your. Shoes. On. The floor is so filthy it’s ridiculous. And that isn’t water you are feeling."

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