Fox News Host Goes Viral For What She Said When Her Mic Was Still On

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith is making headlines for what happened when she had a hot microphone during a broadcast and apparently did not realize she was on camera, too.

A pro-Trump lawyer was on the network and said Joe Biden, despite winning the election, wasn’t necessarily the president, saying, “Remember, just because CNN says — or even Fox News says — that’s somebody’s president, doesn’t make ‘em president,” the lawyer said. To be clear, Joe Biden won the election and is the President-Elect.

Sandra was momentarily off air and apparently thought she wouldn’t be heard, because it appeared as if she said something to fellow anchor Trace Gallagher to emphasize the election was already called.

“What? What is happening?” Sandra said, seeming incredulous. “Trace, we’ve called it.”

This is not the first time a Fox News host has done something that shocks viewers – something else happened this past Monday.

Watch the video of the moment…

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