‘Friends & Family Hustle’: T.I. & Tiny ‘Recharge’ On Vacay — But Divorce Still Isn’t ‘Off The Table’

Even though T.I. and Tiny stayed together after their successful anniversary vacation, they admitted divorce isn’t completely off the table on the Nov. 12 episode of ‘Friends & Family Hustle.’

The beginning of this season of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle got off to a rough start for T.I. and Tiny, but after a special anniversary vacation to Trinidad, they were able to put most of their troubles behind them. “Our trip to Trinidad was pretty cool,” Tip admitted during the Nov. 12 episode. “We had a phenomenal time. Poppin’ champagne under the stars — it was a vibe.” Tiny added that, she too, “really enjoyed” the time away, especially without cameras following them.

“We needed some alone time and just some time to get away,” Tiny explained. “Things with me and Tip before we left to go to Trinidad…they were okay. We were making it to where we needed to be. Now, me and Tip are in a really good, healthy space. Everything’s been reset and it’s going great.” However, when the pair got home, and Tiny’s mom questioned them about what this meant for their relationship, they were still a bit evasive. In fact, they weren’t even fully able to commit to calling off the possibility of a divorce (Tiny first filed divorce papers at the end of 2016)!

“We had had nice time,” T.I. said. “We enjoyed each other’s company. Let’s just continue to do that, and inevitably it will lead to the divorce being off the table. I do think the most she and I can do is stay on the same page from day to day. That’s the focus. Today, we are on the same page.”

Once the two were back in the States, though, there wasn’t much time to focus on the relationship. After all, Tiny was focused on getting Kandi Burruss on-board for a full XScape reunion, while T.I. was busy opening a Trap Music Museum. We’ll have to wait and see if this post-anniversary high lasts!

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