Frightening New Details Emerge About Doomed Titanic Sub

oceangate submarine

Frightening new details have emerged about the 5 people trapped inside the Titanic-bound sub … and what they experienced leading up to their deaths, which was nothing less than a nightmare come true.

The doomed passengers were engulfed in darkness the entire time they were inside the Titan submersible while descending into the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean to view the wreckage of the Titanic on June 18, according to the New York Times.

As you know, Titan imploded after it took off on its voyage from the Netherlands, killing everybody on board, including OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, whose company ran the ill-fated operation.

Christine Dawood, whose husband Shahzada and son Suleman also perished, told the NYT …. Rush turned off all the floodlights on the way down to the ocean floor to conserve battery power for the tour of the Titanic, leaving the passengers in almost total darkness.

Dawood said the only light in the sub came from glowing marine organisms, such as flaming fungus, shimmering squid and flashing fish. She noted laptop computer screens provided slightly more illumination, but that was it.

Christine also said OceanGate recommended the passengers download their favorite tunes onto their phones so they could listen to the tracks on a Bluetooth speaker for what was supposed to be a four-hour expedition. Country music, though, was barred from everyone’s playlist.

Remembering The Oceangate Submersible Passengers

Dawood learned all this information because she was present during the tutorial to go over safety procedures before her husband and son launched to sea.

Perhaps even more chilling … Christina said she was originally scheduled to go on the trip with her husband in 2019. But COVID interrupted their plans, and her son eventually took her seat on the deadly journey after he met the age requirement this year.

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