From YouTube to Stardom: Alaina Castillo Is Rising by Being Intimate With Her Music

Alaina Castillo is slowly but steadily rising into pop stardom, and on her way there, she’s capturing the emotional pulse of an entire generation. Through soft and melodic tunes, the Mexican American artist is vocal about her feelings, all while basking in the joy that processing her dark emotions through music brings her.

First gaining popularity with covers on YouTube, Castillo reached new heights in 2022, opening for Coldplay in her Houston hometown’s own NGR stadium during the band’s “Music of the Spheres” World Tour and releasing her critically acclaimed EP “Fantasies.” Now, she’s focusing on creating new music that showcases all of her sides, from the raw, sad emotions to her Latina identity and her love for EDM music.

“I’m doing the little kind of sad dance vibes that are bringing in a bunch of Spanglish . . . I’m incorporating a lot of dance influences,” she tells POPSUGAR. “I’m very excited because it’s mixing my two worlds — I guess three — of the Spanish with the sad girl [and] with the dance. So it should be really, really exciting.”

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