George Conway Nails GOP Hypocrisy: ‘They’d Be Out For Blood’ If Obama Did This

Conservative attorney George Conway called out Republican lawmakers for hypocrisy in their defense of President Donald Trump as public impeachment hearings began on Wednesday.  

“Take that Republican hat off and look at it neutrally,” he said on MSNBC. “Look at what you would have done if Donald Trump were a Democrat. Would you be making these ridiculous arguments about process?” 

Trump withheld U.S. aid to Ukraine to pressure the country into investigating his political rivals and pursuing conspiracy theories about the 2016 election. But as Conway pointed out, instead of arguing about the facts, Republicans tried to argue about the process. He also ticked off other oddball defenses, such as claiming Ukraine didn’t know they were being pressured or that Trump was only trying to get them to investigate corruption. 

“All these things that they don’t believe or couldn’t possibly believe,” he said. “If Barack Obama had done this, they’d be out for blood ― and they’d be right.” 

Conway has been a frequent critic of Trump on social media despite the fact that his wife, Kellyanne Conway serves as counselor to the president. At one point, Trump called Conway the “husband from hell.” 

See more of his discussion on MSNBC above. 


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