George Lopez Says He's Now Trump's Kind of Guy After Hooters Incident

George Lopez and Donald Trump may finally see eye-to-eye on something after a scuffle GL was involved in last weekend at a Hooters … according to George himself.

We got the comedian Sunday at LAX, where we asked about his run-in with an overzealous fan who claims George grabbed his neck in a video of the altercation obtained by TMZ. In our clip … you can see what appears to be George getting handsy with the dude.

George stays tight-lipped on the whole thing — not wanting to reveal who he thinks was at fault — but, he does drop one interesting nugget on us … Trump probably would’ve been down for the way George handled it — ya know, ’cause of that whole body slamming thing.

In case you forgot … Trump praised Congressman Greg Gianforte for putting a reporter on his back last year, saying anyone who could do a full body slam was “my kind of guy.”

George certainly remembers the comment, and he seems to imply that his own run-in might’ve been more than just a neck grab. Oh … he’s also got some (hilarious) thoughts on the Dodgers returning to the World Series to face the Boston Red Sox. 

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