Gimli in 'Lord Of The Rings' 'Memba Him?!

English Actor John Rhys-Davies is best known for his role as the ax-wielding dwarf, Gimli — who helps to destroy the One Ring and navigate Middle-earth while dropping some epic one-liners– in the early 2000s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ film trilogy including ‘The Fellowship Of The Ring,’ ‘The Two Towers’ and ‘The Return Of The King.’

Rhys-Davies is cast alongside an impressive lineup of actors including Orlando Bloom as the fast-firing Elf, Legolas, Viggo Mortensen as the sword-swinging Aragorn, Sean Astin as the hobbit homie, Samwise Gamgee … and of course, Elijah Wood as the ring-totting hero, Frodo Baggins.

Guess what he looks like now!

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