Google CEO Sundar Pichai Warns of AI Advancement in '60 Minutes' Interview

Google now has an AI program to sell just like everybody else in tech — but its own top dog is still giving a blaring warning to society regardless … saying we need to brace for impact.

Sundar Pichai said as much Sunday on ’60 Minutes,’ where he sat down for an interview and offered startling insights into the rapidly evolving technology that’s taking Silicon Valley — and the rest of the world — by storm … which is only going to get more jarring, he says.

Check out this snippet from the chat … where Pichai is asked if he thinks society is ready for what’s ahead. He’s pretty frank, saying … no, not really. But, there’s some optimism too.

SP goes on to explain that while he doesn’t think everyone’s quite prepared to deal with how advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning already is and where it’s headed — he does note that the concerns about AI have been widespread and frequent early and often.

To him … that means everyday folks can see the dangers ahead of time, and he hopes that’ll spur some to act in our best interest — namely, elected officials who pass laws on this stuff.

Ironically enough, Google was sorta plugging their own AI tech on ’60 Minutes’ here … including Bard — which is their answer to Microsoft’s ChatGPT — albeit, with seemingly more guardrails in place, for now, than what the competition is rolling out … aka, smart robots.

Pichai says Google’s got other stuff they’re tinkering with in this department — but he promises to do so with humanity in mind … while also calling on mass regulation of AI.

BTW, this issue goes way beyond just tech … it’s already starting to affect the music industry — including big artists like Drake and others. It’s bound to all come to a head in due time.

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