Grace VanderWaal’s New Look Has Instagram Divided

Grace VanderWaal’s new look is a striking change from her days as the winner of America’s Got Talent! The singer was a 12-year-old with a bob haircut when she won America’s Got Talent! in 2016 (via ExtraTV). Since then, VanderWaal has been sharing a new, edgy vibe with fans on Instagram and TikTok. Some fans love her fresh look, while a few are worried about the musician and actress.

According to ETOnline, VanderWaal debuted her new avant-garde appearance in December 2020. ETOnline reported that the singer was using “dog clippers” to shave her head in a video posted to her Instagram account. In addition to saying good-bye to her signature hairstyle, the 16-year-old has revealed a more unconventional appearance overall. 

ExtraTV noted that VanderWaal also has a stunning new makeup look, and she’s “getting a little risqué with her fashion and song choices.”

People reported that some of VanderWaal’s TikTok fans claim she is changing “herself completely.” But the singer and actress received encouragement from other fans for her new look. Keep scrolling to see VanderWaal’s new look and learn why it has Instagram divided!

Grace VanderWaal dramatic change since AGT

Grace VanderWaal debuted a new edgy style in December 2020, and fan reaction to her significant change is still mixed. Some of VanderWaal’s Instagram fans aren’t digging the singer and actor’s avant-garde image, as it’s definitely a big departure from her days as America’s Got Talent. 

Some users seemed to be outright disturbed by VanderWaal’s sudden change in appearance. On posts from January 2021, one Instagram user expressed that they were not a fan of the new look, commenting on VanderWaal’s post, “Grace! Since americas got Talent I thought you were stylish! I really like your old Grace style of being.” Other fans were more direct with their feedback. One Instagram user simply wrote, “I’m unfollowing,” while another echoed that sentiment, writing, “Unfollowed lol.” One Instagrammer only had a question: “What happened.”

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But not all of VanderWaal’s Instagram comments were negative. The singer and actress received quite a few snaps for her keen fashion sense. One user praised the look, deeming it, “very swag.” Another Instagrammer dug VanderWaal’s fresh style, saying, “YOUR SO STUNNING.” Another agreed and said, “sooo cuteeee.”

At the end of the day, the young singer and actress is just 17-years-old, and experimenting with different styles is part of finding out who you are. We can’t wait to see what VanderWaal does next.

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