Gunman Goes on Rampage in NYC Restaurant, One Shot

A brazen gunman is on the loose in NYC after going on a wild west style rampage through a restaurant, taking down one victim … and it was all caught on security video.

The shocking footage starts out calmly with customers scanning food trays at a hot bar inside Boishakhi Restaurant Saturday afternoon in Queens.

Suddenly, the red-hoodie-wearing assailant dashes into the joint, brandishing a handgun and chasing after a man in a red shirt while firing shots at him.

shooter running

The video, first obtained by the NY Post, shows others ducking for cover … including a terrified family that scooped up their child and ran down a flight of stairs to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, the suspect continued to pursue the man, circling the hot bar and firing his handgun as he went. He eventually struck his target once … in the butt, and then fled.

The victim was taken to a hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. No one else was injured.

shooter rampage

By the time cops got on the scene, the shooter was long gone.

Police haven’t revealed the motive, if they know of one, and despite the video showing the gunman chasing one man … cops aren’t sure he was the intended target.

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