Halsey Talks About Her New Single “Without Me” and Cutting G-Eazy Out of Her Life

Pop singer Halsey made an appearance on the Zach Sang Show today to talk about her very personal new song, “Without Me.” She described how the song did not so much come out of her “temporary” break up with rapper G-Eazy — and others in her life — as it actually caused them.

About the exact timing and reasons for writing the song, Halsey said 

I have to be honest … um …  the song led me to my decision [to break up with G-Eazy] at that time. Cause I listened to what I wrote and went ‘Oh my god, is that how I feel? — If that’s how I feel I need to put the ‘pause’ on this thing right now. I’m obviously talking about my relationship. So the song happened first. And it was this moment of like sincerity …”

Halsey further explained

I’ll tell you what. It happened when I looked at my relationships all around me. All of them – cause this song is not just about one … and it made me sit down and go ‘I feel like I’ve given so much to relationships with people in my life and I’m getting nothing back’ … and so I cut a lot of people out of my life. Some temporarily, obviously, because G and I are back together. And some permanently.

But the pop singer feels that “Without Me” is a kind of personal and emotional one-of-a-kind thing. So it won’t go onto some future deluxe version of her current album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Nor does she necessarily feel that it will have a place on her third album, when she gets around to recording it.

I don’t think the third album is going to sound anything like that song. “Without Me” is a record I’m super proud of because I just let it rip. I just f**king went for it. It’s the best my voice has ever sounded … and it’s the most emotionally meaningful song — for me — that I’ve put out.

So what was G-Eazy’s reaction to the song?  “He loves it, Halsey said. “He loves it a lot.” She then added,

We were fans of each other’s music before we were dating. So despite the way it might hurt … how are we to dislike the thing about each other that made us fall in love with each other to begin with? He respects me as an artist … We’re humans. And we’re in our twenties … God, give me a break. I’ve grown. He’s grown. We’ve grown together. And how great is that?”

You can listen to the rest of Halsey’s interview below.

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