Halyna Hutchins' Final Words on 'Rust' Set, 'That Was No Good'

Halyna Hutchins‘ final words to the “Rust” crew prove she had a wicked sense of humor — albeit a dark one — and maintained it right up to her tragic end.

The slain cinematographer uttered something in response to a boom operator after being struck by the bullet Alec Baldwin had just unknowingly fired. She said, “That was no good. That was no good at all,” this according to the L.A. Times.

She was reportedly replying to the boom op, who’d said the exact same thing after seeing her injury, as someone else shouted for a medic to rush to her aid. Hutchins is said to have stumbled back and fallen into the arms of a gaffer, and director Joel Souza.

Souza, who was also injured, said something along the lines of, “What the f*** was that? That burns!” Alec, similarly, repeatedly said … “What the f*** just happened?”

As we’ve reported, Alec and co. were rehearsing for a shoot-out scene inside a church. Alec, the lead, was using a .45 Colt revolver. Baldwin reportedly said, “So I guess I’m gonna take this out, pull it out and go, ‘Bang!'” — at which point, he actually carried out the gesture and fired.

The gun — which assistant director Dave Halls had just declared was “cold” before handing it to Alec — was supposed to be loaded with nothing but dummy rounds … but at least one real bullet was inside.

Santa Fe authorities are still investigating the circumstances of the fatal shooting, and have not ruled out criminal charges against anyone.

Production shut down, and it appears this movie may never see the light of day … according to Baldwin anyway, who has since gone to Vermont with his family in an attempt to lay low.

He told paparazzi he was cooperating with the Sheriff’s Office, and that he couldn’t disclose too many details from the case. What he did say, however, was that Hutchins was his friend — and that he and her family are devastated.

Baldwin also said he was in support of stricter safety regulations being implemented on future sets as it pertains to firearms.

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