Heidi Klum Shares The Highly Unusual Way She’s Been Getting Milk Lately

The supermodel has a certain skill set fans never new she had.

Heidi Klum seems to buy into the slogan, “Milk it does a body good” if her recent posts to social media are any indication. However, before you dig too deep into the story, this writer has to share a memory the America’s Got Talent judge brings to mind when the model recently obtained some milk for herself in a highly unusual manner.

The writer’s grandparents were farmers, and they had a menagerie of farm animals that included milk cows. One day when the writer was younger, she followed Grandma into the barn to watch her milk the cows. Certain wisdom was imparted from Granny to Granddaughter on how to properly milk cows, which — unfortunately — the writer never picked up the knack of doing after a few half-hearted tries.

One important (and scary) nugget of wisdom was picked up during the exercise, though. According to Grandma, if you pinch one of the cow’s udders she might just kick you out of the chair. “That would hurt bad,” Grandma said.

All that doesn’t remind the writer of Heidi Klum’s affinity for milk, but the slew of farm kitty cats that followed the writer and her grandmother into the barn does. “Farm kitty cats are important,” said Grandma. She added that they catch all the pesky rodents that hang around. Those same kitty cats sat patiently while Grandma milked the cow and squirted milk into the pail.

Every once in a while; however, Grandma would spray a stream of milk at the cats, and they’d stand up comically on their hind legs to catch it in their mouths. Grandma would give them all a dose, and then she would fill up the pail that was destined for the household all the way to the top with milk. She’d pour some into bowls for the farm cats before she cleaned up, and they would seemingly be ecstatic while they finished up their milk — purring all the while.

Fans might be tempted to imagine after hearing that story that Heidi Klum might be purring in the “Lecker Lecker…….????” picture as she drinks the jet of milk that she’s squeezed from the bovine’s teat standing next to her. In the photo, the German-born native additionally wears a coat with a pink fur collar while she opens her mouth wide to quench her thirst. It’s apparentlyly important to look fashionable in your quest of getting fresh milk from the udders of a cow.

And, seeing that there is no report of Ms. Klum being kicked by the cow while she drinks the calcium-rich liquid, it would seem that she has the knack for gently milking a cow’s udders that the writer never picked up.

Heidi Klum’s many followers celebrated her goofy share in various ways. Jackiemarie29 commented, “You are so nuts and I love you.” Seaside1sand joked, “That’s a big goat…”

Fan emcnb understood the context of amateur milking efforts and wrote, “You were very lucky not to be kicked!!” Use [email protected]_lini2017 wrote, “thats why i love her????????.”

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Lecker Lecker ……. ????

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If fans have any doubt that Heidi Klum might be part farm cat, Just check her out in one of her Halloween costumes.

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Countdown to Halloween: 11 days! I meow-ed down the #HeidiHalloween red carpet in 2007 ???? #HeidiHalloween2018 #HeidiKlumHalloween

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Heidi Klum figured she would share some more of her time with cows with her many fans. In the post she uploaded on Saturday, she danced in a black and white ensemble with her newly found friend, a black and white heifer. She looks happy. Just like a farm cat.

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I ❤️ CHANEL @chanelofficial #chanel

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