Helen Lederer keen for new Ab Fab as Jennifer Saunders rules out reunion in ‘woke’ world

Absolutely Fabulous The Movie: How drunk did they get?!

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Speaking to Express.co.uk ahead of her Proud Cabaret debut, Helen Lederer said it would be nice to bring in a new audience to Absolutely Fabulous following the success of the 2016 movie. “That was a wonderful explosion of comedy and parody and mocking PR people, just a joy,” she spilled.

“If Jennifer decides to write another one, I’m standing by.”

She went on to say: “They did such a good job with the film because it was different and it stood up to scrutiny.

“It had its own qualities to it, it could sustain scrutiny.

“It was still funny and a glorious celebration and it went quite dark.”

She said of Jennifer Saunders’ approach to the film: “She’s not a complacent writer.

It was brilliant that it was so well received. Ab Fab, I’d say, made a lot of people happy.”

Jennifer had previously hit out about how the “woke brigade” ruining comedy.

However, Helen thinks the hit sitcom is yet to reach its sell by day.

“We just can’t take ourselves seriously,” she spilled. “I never think anything has has its day.”

Helen added that if there are signs to do it and people want to do it, then there’s no reason not to.

“I’m all for breaking rules,” she added, laughing.

Earlier this year, sitcom writer Jennifer admitted there are a lot of things in the modern-day that frustrated her.

She told The Graham Norton Show: “I get p****d off by people and gentle criticism all the time.

This is a modern thing, isn’t it?

“If someone says something it always has to be, ‘Oh, but sorry, you can’t say that’. I say, ‘Oh f*** off.’

“It is always petty and small-mindedness that ps me off — bigotry and small-mindedness.”

From January, Helen will be taking part in Proud Embankment’s Cabaret All Stars show.

“I am beyond excited to dust off my Spanx, tell a few stories and bring my comedy twist to this absolutely fabulous Proud Cabaret show of talent, spectacle and wonder,” she spilled.

The comedian will join a superstar cast of international performers from January 8 for a limited 3 month run.

For more information, please visit https://proudcabaret.com.

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