Helena Bonham Carter: I Was Running a Thin Line for Standing Up to Harvey Weinstein

Helena Bonham Carter has reflected on Harvey Weinstein’s “chilling” behaviour on movie sets they shared.

The actress credits the disgraced movie producer with both her Oscar nominations – in films “The Wings of the Dove” and “The King’s Speech” – and believes there are many reasons he gained so much power in the film industry. Upon reflection, Bonham Carter admitted that Weinstein, who was charged with rape and other sexual offences in May, often behaved questionably, but she was brave enough to refuse his demands.

“I found the way he treated certain people chilling – without any kind of respect. There were many times I disagreed with the way he behaved, and I don’t mean sexually,” the 52-year-old explained in an interview with The Guardian. “There were times when Harvey asked me to do certain things, and I said no. I knew I was running a thin line. Standing up to him wasn’t an easy thing to do because I knew I could potentially lose work.”

The “Ocean’s 8” star conceded that she was able to stand up to the 66-year-old because she “already had a career” and was not reliant on him. She believed that his power meant he would never face repercussions for the “revolting” behaviour she witnessed, and insisted she was unaware of the allegations of sexual abuse against him.

“I was aware certain actresses had had sex with him, but I thought it was consensual,” she shared.

Bonham Carter also addressed frequent co-star Johnny Depp, who she starred alongside in many films directed by her former partner Tim Burton, including “Alice in Wonderland“, “Corpse Bride” and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”. Though Depp has been accused of being “verbally and physically abusive” towards his ex-wife Amber Heard, this has not altered his relationship with the British star.

“Johnny is still a friend. He’s the godfather to my children,” Bonham Carter said.

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