‘I’ll make flat white from your breast milk’ says Joel Dommett to pregnant wife

Joel Dommett has opened up on his intentions to try some of his pregnant wife's breast milk.

The 38 year old TV presenter and comedian is expecting his first baby with partner Hannah Cooper, whom he married in 2019.

The couple, who appeared more loved-up than ever at the BAFTAs back in May, have been chatting all things babies and pregnancy on their podcast, Never Have I Ever, and in the most recent instalment, talk turned to breastfeeding and natural baby milk.

"I am a little bit fearful that you're going to make a breast milk flat white," Hannah, 34, joked at first, as she noted that her husband was keen to try the substance.

"Yeah," Joel answered honestly. "I also don't get this thing where people are like 'uuurgh breast milk, uuurgh'. Like no, give me that, please."

Laughing, Hannah insisted that Joel didn't know what he was promising as she told him: "I don't think you're gonna want it."

"I'm up for trying all this stuff, this is an exciting adventure," the ITV presenter insisted. "There is stuff coming out of your nipples that a baby can drink.

"I want to try it," the eager dad-to-be explained.

"Are you going to make a flat white out of my breast milk?" Hannah pressed once more, and Joel declared: "If you think you've got surplus."

Sharing the clip on his Instagram page, Joel then asked his followers for their opinions on the topic, as he said: "Surely it’s less weird than drinking cows milk?"

While some fans shuddered at the thought, many were in complete agreement that the natural and healthy substance can also be consumed by adults.

"It’s the only milk actually designed for human consumption. So yes, definitely less weird than drinking milk produced by and for cows," one person wrote.

Another fan praised: "Love that you're trying to normalise breast milk. It is an amazing natural thing. The fact that it changes for baby's needs is amazing! Well done!xx"

"It is less weird but there are a lot of people conditioned to thinking breast milk and breast feeding is not natural or normal!" a third person noted.

While a fourth shared: "100 per cent agree, human breast milk is designed specifically for humans, cows breast milk is guess what…designed for calves…"

Even Calum Best agreed with Joel, as he posted "I'm with you on this" in the comments.

Earlier this week, Hannah showed off her blooming baby bump as she and husband Joel got to work on their nursery.

The pair were beaming as they took snaps during the project, as an array of boxes littered the room behind them.

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