Is It a Boy or Girl For Rydel Lynch & Capron Funk? Find Out Here!

Rydel and Capron Funk just shared their gender reveal video!

The newly married couple are already expecting their first child together, as revealed earlier this month.

In their new YouTube video, Rydel and Capron gathered their families together for a gender reveal party, which of course included her brothers Ross, with girlfriend Jaz Sinclair, Ryland, Riker, with wife Savannah, and Rocky.

Rydel was on Team Boy and Capron was on Team Girl, with one of their family members saying it’s got to be a girl because there’s too many boys in the family. LOL!

Turns out, Rydel was right – It’s a boy!!! Check out how they did the gender reveal in the video here!

Congratulations to Rydel and Capron on their little guy on the way!

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