Is "Partner Track"'s Arden Cho Single? Here's the Deal

Is “Partner Track”‘s Arden Cho Single? Here’s the Deal

Arden Cho, the star of Netflix’s latest romance legal drama “Partner Track,” has been in the spotlight for well over a decade, but she’s managed to keep her love life private. In the series, the actor plays Ingrid Yun, a tenacious lawyer who’s determined to climb up the corporate ladder and become a partner at her law firm, all while navigating a love triangle with her former fling, Jeff Murphy (Dominic Sherwood), and the doe-eyed Nick Laren (Rob Heaps).

While many viewers are engrossed in Ingrid’s nail-biting love woes, others are also curious about Cho’s relationship status in real life. The 37-year-old “Teen Wolf” actor — who’s set to star in the forthcoming live-action adaptation of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” — is notoriously tight-lipped about her romances. Case in point: Cho has only ever gone public with Ryan Higa, the popular internet personality whom she dated for nearly five years. For the most part, Cho and Higa kept their relationship private, but they did share updates through Higa’s YouTube content and social media before they eventually called it quits in early 2020.

Keep reading for a complete breakdown of Cho’s public dating history over the years.

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