J.Lo Shows Off Rock-Hard Abs In The Gym As She Prepares For AMAs Performance With A-Rod

Got to get in a few reps before the AMAs! Ahead of her performance at the American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez joined her bae, Alex Rodriguez, in the gym to show off how she maintains her killer figure.

“Crazy schedules means crazy hours,” Alex Rodriguez, 43, wrote when captioning the Oct. 8 Instagram video, “but we never miss a workout. (It’s the best way to de-stress) Here’s the upper body workout [Jennifer Lopez, 49] and I crushed late last night.” Crushed it is right! The video – set to Cardi B’s “Drip” – saw these two lovebirds put in the reps, and it’s obvious why both these icons look half their age. What makes this late night sweat session even more amazing is that less than JLo is set to perform at the 2018 American Music Awards…which is on Oct. 9, less than twenty-four hours after this midnight muscle-fest.

By the way, this is what J-Rod did, according to Alex: “One Arm Row (35/21/14) / Leg Lifts (50/35/21)/  Lat Pull Downs Wide Grip (35/21/14) / Incline Sit Ups (50/35/21) / Hypers (35/21/14) [7 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs] / Stiff Arm (14 x 3/ 10 x 3/ 7 x 3) / Dumbbell Press (21/14/10) / Rear Cable Lat (21/14) / Side Lat (21/14)” It’s exhausting just to read that, but if you want to look as good as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, you have to put in the work. Seriously, remember the picture JLo shared of her back, shoulders and arms at the end of her Vegas residency? She looked jacked.

“They’re both extremely fit people and very healthy people,” Jeff Lee, Chief Operation officer at Alex Rodriguez Corporation, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com when discussing Jennifer and Alex. “They eat clean, they don’t drink, party or smoke. She doesn’t drink at all. I work out with both of them and I feel that Alex and I have an extremely good rhythm, but I always feel intimated when she’s working out because she’s probably the one person I can’t keep up with. Jennifer gets her game face on! It’s intimating how hard she works out.”

“JLo” and “intimidating” usually go hand-in-hand, especially when she’s in the spotlight. Jennifer Lopez is set to perform “Limitless” at the AMAs. On a night that features performances from Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Camila Cabello and Cardi B, JLo could blow them all off the stage. If Jennifer brings just a fraction of the energy and showmanship she brought during her epic 2018 MTV Video Music Awards show, well. Let’s just say all those other performers better be hitting the gym ahead of the AMAs, just to see if they can keep up with “Jenny From The Block.”

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