Jenna Dewan Flaunts Her Sexy Curves In A Bodysuit 2 Weeks After Debuting Her New BF — Pic

Jenna Dewan took to Instagram on Nov. 12 to flaunt a gorgeous pic of herself in a form-fitting bodysuit from her Danksin Apparel collection and it totally reflected her grace and confidence.

Jenna Dewan, 37, may have split from hunky actor Channing Tatum, 38, but that isn’t stopping her from looking and doing her best! The actress took to Instagram on Nov. 12 to share a stunning photo that shows her flaunting her figure in a maroon bodysuit from her dancewear collection with Danskin. “Eeeee!!! My #JennaDewanxDanskin collection will be available SO soon, so make sure you follow @six02 and @DanskinApparel to get the latest on our exclusive launch event at #Six02 in LA this week!,” Jenna Captioned the photo, which shows here casually but sexily leaning back on a barre.

Jenna’s new collection is just one of many things she has to be happy about. Since announcing her divorce from Channing last month, the brunette beauty debuted her new Tony Award-winning actor boyfriend Steve Kazee, 43, when they two were seen hand in hand during an outing in Palm Springs, CA. Before that, she reportedly brought him to a Halloween party where they were seen getting cozy together.

Although many fans were sad about Jenna’s split from Channing, it seems she’s getting along well and embracing her future. We’re happy to see her doing what she loves to do and it’s also great to know she’s found love again after a very public split!

We’ll be on the lookout for any other fantastic photos Jenna posts. She always knows how to capture attention and we love her for it!

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