Jennifer Garner Makes a Fool of Herself on Ellen with Embarrassing Selfie and Mashed Potato Pushups

“I’m definitely getting a job at Hooters now,” she says while taking a particularly unflattering photo.

Jennifer Garner should have thought twice about having a "Yes Day" with Ellen DeGeneres.

Appearing on Monday’s episode of Ellen’s talk show, Garner explained how she and her three kids with Ben Affleck have an annual day where she has to say "yes" to everything they ask her to do … and today, she let DeGeneres take the wheel.

According to Garner, some of the dares her children have pulled on her included styling her hair crazy with gel or putting on wild outfits before making her "go out in the world," something to keep in mind if you ever see any questionable paparazzi photos of the actress.

"I’m going to do the same thing," Ellen challenged her, before explaining that Ulta Beauty would donate $5,000 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every dare she accepted.

The four challenges included clucking like a chicken — since Garner owns a flock of the birds– and doing pushups into a plate of mashed potatoes, which she had to take a bite of every time she went down. She was also asked to eat a spoonful of peanut butter before singing the ABCs and take one hell of an unflattering selfie.

"You’re going to take a selfie ….open your eyes as big as you can be, hold the phone down lower, like really low," DeGeneres dared her. As the camera went below her chest, Garner joked, "I’m definitely getting a job at hooters now!"

As Ellen cracked up, Garner added, "It’s a good bra, that’s it. Very supportive!" The shot ended with her having a double chin.

Thanks to the "Peppermint" star’s no shame attitude, she racked up $20,000 for charity.

Earlier on the show, she also talked about her family’s fowl, revealing she has chickens named Hennifer and Captain Hook and plans to name two of her new additions Oprah Henfrey and Ellen DeHeneres.

Check out the chicken talk below:

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