Jeremy Clarkson speaks out on ‘illegal’ move at farm shop after disastrous time

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The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson, 60, opened his farm shop earlier this year, ahead of his new solo eight-part series I Bought The Farm, but the presenter has faced a number of disruptions along the way. The father-of-three has said the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was one of the main causes of the delay with growing and selling his items. Jeremy said the situation had been “a disaster” but admitted he had been successfully selling chard to buyers.

It’s flying off the shelves.

Jeremy Clarkson

Discussing selling seasonal products on a small scale, he began: “It is extremely inconvenient for the customer.

“Today, for instance, I have rhubarb, but you’d better hurry if you fancy some because I only have eight stalks and there’s no chance of a top-up until May.”

He added: “I do have plenty of chard, though, which to begin with wasn’t selling at all.

“It turns out that people round here (including me) don’t know what chard is, so I’m now calling it spinach and it’s flying off the shelves.

“That’s probably illegal,” he jokingly added.

Chard is a dark leafy green that can be used fresh or cooked, much like spinach.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host reopened his shop in June, but the timing wasn’t the best for customers who wanted to buy his potatoes and other items.

“All the spuds had gone to seed. It was a disaster,” he admitted in his new column with The Sunday Times.

“And virtually nothing else was ready to be picked,” he added.

“The apples were tiny sour bullets, the wasabi was string, the vegetables were barely out of the ground and my water-bottling plant was still just a pipe dream.

“Actually, scratch that: it was only a pipe.”

The unfortunate circumstances meant Jeremy had to buy stock from other farmers and local wholesalers.

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Jeremy added he was “desperate” to sell the items he had been growing, but believes people won’t want them by the time they are ready.

He continued: “I desperately want to sell what I’m growing but even when it’s all ready.

“I’m not sure it’s stuff people want to buy. I mean, who wants an ear of corn? Or a bit of rape?”

The car enthusiast went on to say he had managed to sell sausages from his pigs and was now also debating selling his lambs for profit.

“Right now I’m faced with a choice of selling them as they are or paying for some supplementary feed and selling them later, all fattened up,” he explained.

“I’ve done the maths and either way I lose exactly the same amount of money.”

The former Top Gear star opened the doors to his shop on his farm in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, back in February.

At the time he said on Instagram that his shop “will put the supermarkets out of business. Bye, bye Aldi!”

He added his items will also be unheated and meat-free and will only sell products grown on his farm.

Jeremy set his sights on farming ahead of his new series I Bought The Farm, which he began filming last year.

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