John Mulaney Has Finished His 60-Day Rehab Stay – Will Continue With Outpatient Care

John Mulaney is on the road to recovery.

If you’re a fan of the stand-up comic, you’re probably familiar with some of his stories about abusing drugs and alcohol. He never shied from joking about his wild past, though he had more than a decade of sobriety under his belt after initially quitting in 2005. Unfortunately, in December it was reported that John had checked himself into rehab after experiencing a relapse during the coronavirus quarantine.

On Friday, a source for Page Six confirmed the former Saturday Night Live writer had completed his rehab stay and entered outpatient care. The insider shared:

“John has completed 60 days in rehab and now he’s in outpatient sober care. He is doing well, although he is still not ready to return to work.”

What a relief to hear the Big Mouth actor is doing well. We hope he takes his time getting healthy before returning to make people laugh. Back when the 38-year-old first checked in for treatment, another source told Page Six:

“ is committed to getting better. He relies on the same small circle of friends he’s had for 20 years.”

Another added:

“His fans know he’s struggled in the past with sobriety, he has talked about it openly. Unfortunately, he has struggled again during the pandemic. … He’s on board with his recovery, he’s not fighting against rehab.”

Meanwhile, an insider for Us Weekly claimed:

“It was a relief to his wife and family that he checked in. It was John’s decision. Plain and simple, John had too much downtime. He had too much time in his own head… John has always been engaged in his sobriety. The relapse got ugly, but it was his choice to go to rehab, which saved his life.”

While news of the Kid Gorgeous star deciding to enter rehab (reportedly for alcohol and cocaine) came as a surprise, some eagle-eyed fans noticed erratic behavior in his public appearances before his rehab stint was announced. Particularly, a clip from Late Night With Seth Meyers drew attention, and an insider for Page Six claimed he was “out of his mind” on substances at the time.

Luckily, a source at SNL shared with the outlet:

“He has a tight inner circle of friends who have been incredibly supportive encouraging him to get help and super tight-lipped… To everyone else, it wasn’t as clear he was struggling, but he’s been a rock to so many other people that everyone knows that he should get the help he needs. Pete and Lorne have been incredibly helpful. Mulaney is like an older brother to Pete and they always tour together.”

We can’t imagine how difficult this period has been, so we’re glad to hear he’s had such a strong support system. We wish John the best in his continued recovery, and will continue to keep him in our thoughts.

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