Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Both Looked Overwhelmed When Driving Around LA Yesterday

Less than 24 hours after a “distraught”-looking Justin Bieber sought comfort without his wife at his local church reportedly in response to his ex Selena Gomez’s admission to a psychiatric facility, Justin and Hailey Baldwin were spotted driving around Los Angeles yesterday. In photos, both looked upset, with Justin Bieber seeming at various points to be crying and holding his face in his hands.

One set of photos reportedly shows Hailey driving her weeping husband Justin to the home of one of the Hillsong congregation pastors. Another set of pics reportedly shows Hailey riding in a car driven by that pastor’s wife and, and in those photos,  it looks like Hailey may have been crying.

Today, People Magazine says that its sources confirmed TMZ’s reports that Selena had sought treatment after an emotional breakdown, and they also confirm that

[i]t’s hard for [Justin] to hear that [Selena] isn’t doing well. They have both had their struggles over the years … He wants the best for Selena. He wants her happy and healthy.”

People‘s sources added, “Justin will always care about Selena.”

Justin’s may just ‘care’ about Selena’s well-being, but he looks more than just concerned — he looks emotionally wrecked.  And that fact appears to also be having an impact on Hailey.

You can seem some images of Justin and Hailey seeming pretty overwhelmed yesterday in the video below.

(Image source: Youtube)

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