Kanye West Hugged It Out With Trump At The White House Today

As expected, one of Donald Trump’s loudest cheerleaders made a visit to the White House today, and it didn’t take long for them to give us one of the more haunting images of 2018. This is the picture that will help Jay-Z and Beyoncé know they made the right decision when they reportedly re-blocked Kanye West’s number again.

E! News reports that Kayne arrived at the White House about ten minutes after twelve today for their scheduled 12:30pm meeting. Of course Kanye was excited to get there early; this is the most exciting day of his life (I’m sure Kim Kardashian is already taking down pictures of their wedding day in anticipation for Kanye’s return home). Kanye and Trump planned to eat lunch in a private dining room with Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and retired football player Jim Brown, where they would dine on…I don’t know, delusion and sandwiches? But before that, Trump met with Kid Rock. Don’t worry, there will be no deeply-uncomfortable video clip in which Trump proudly calls Kanye and Kid “his homeboy and his hillbilly.” Kid met Trump before Trump’s meeting with Kanye, for the signing of the Orrin G. Hatch – Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act (H.R. 1551). It’s a bill that is intended to update old US copyright law to better reflect the digital age.

A Kid Rock sighting that doesn’t take place outside a gas station or Florida piercing studio is weird enough, but it got even weirder at the White House. After Trump met with Kid, he went back to the Oval Office and held a press conference at his desk where he said he “liked” Kanye. To which Kanye shouted he “I love you…I love this guy” before ambushing him with a big hug. I honestly thought the only person Kanye West loved was Kanye West. Huh, you learn something new every day.

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