Kanye West Thinks This Kim Kardashian Look Channels Marge Simpson

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no longer together, but their partnership keeps making headlines. After seven years of marriage, the two superstars, who announced their split in early 2021, have both moved on to form relationships with other people – but things have remained somewhat tense between West and Kardashian. In Kardashian’s new Hulu series, The Kardashians, fans are getting an up-close look at how the relationship between West and Kardashian has devolved, with the exes taking a few shots at each other when provoked. Notably, in a recent episode of the show, Kardashian admitted that West even compared one of her outfits to one worn by cartoon character Marge Simpson.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were one of pop culture’s most high-profile couples

West and Kardashian’s divorce has played out in the public eye, with the two making headlines daily. Kardashian has also discussed their divorce on the reality show The Kardashians. In a recent episode, she said West mocked the outfit she wore at the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator Awards, comparing her to Marge Simpson. According to Page Six, Kardashian opened up in the episode, saying, “he called me afterwards. He told me my career is over, and then he showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar.”

The dress Kardashian wore to the event was a leather dress from her Skims shapewear line, a collaboration that she did with the fashion brand Fendi. In the episode, Kardashian also opened up about how often she used to ask West’s advice about her outfits. “I got to a point where I would ask his advice for everything down to what I wear,” she said. “Even now, I’m having panic attacks, like what do I wear?”

Kanye West helped change up Kim Kardashian’s style

There’s no doubt that West significantly impacted Kardashian’s style. Early on in their relationship, cameras documented as West went through Kardashian’s closet, throwing out the outfits he disapproved of and creating new looks for her. Kardashian also admitted West helped introduce her to the world of high fashion, bringing the reality star to her first Met Gala in 2013. West utilized Kardashian’s help in promoting his Yeezy fashion brand, often styling his wife in the season’s hottest looks and ensuring the press got plenty of photographs.

According to People Magazine, she credited West with helping her come into her own as a fashion icon. “Kanye’s definitely inspired me to be a little bit more of an individual. I think my style is just evolving and changing and I think it should,” Kardashian said. These days, Kardashian is branching out on her own, discovering her fashion identity without the help of her ex-husband.

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