Kathy Griffin Emotionally Addresses Hate Comments About Her Curly Hair

The 60-year-old comedian shares an Instagram video in which she speaks out against the haters and asks fans to accept her for who she is despite her look.

AceShowbizKathy Griffin is hitting back at trolls who made fun of her curly hair. The 60-year-old comedian took to her Instagram account to tearfully speak out against the haters in a video which also saw her asking fans to accept her for who she is despite her look.

“Alright, I’m making this video because I’ve been getting some social media hate because of my curly hair,” Katie said in the clip, which was posted on July 24. “A lot of, ‘Girl, you”ve got to get rid of that hair.’ A lot of, ‘Girl, we don’t like your hair like that.’ “

She added, “Well, this is how my hair grows out of my head. It always has and it always will.” While visibily choking up, Kathy continued, “I’m a … curly-haired, red-headed lady. I’m not saying my days of blowouts are over. I’m just asking you to accept me for my curly-haired self.”

Emphasizing her message, Kathy captioned the clip, “This is how it grows out of my head!”

Her celebrity friends and fans quickly showed support for her in the comment section. “GORGEOUS,” Debra Messing said alongside multiple fire emojis. “It’s beautiful! Who’s saying it’s not for heavens sake?!” one person assured her.

Another user gushed, “I actually love the natural curls. Looks so healthy. Looking like everyone else is overrated.” Someone else then added, “You’re rockin’ that curly red hair!!!!!!!!!!!” Another fan wrote, “I love your curly-haired self!! Beautiful w your blue eyes.” A fan even admitted, “Im jealous of that hair.”

There were times where Kathy rocked straighter locks. However, the comedienne appeared to be embracing her natural curly hair in recent days.

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