Katie Holmes thinks she could end up marrying ‘traditional values’ Emilio Vitolo

Emilio Vitolo and Katie Holmes have been together, by my records, for about three months. We first saw them out and about together in early September, but I feel pretty comfortable saying that this relationship started in mid to late August, at the very latest. That was when Emilio dumped his live-in fiancee via text, and since then, Emilio has been attached to Katie’s hip. She loves every minute of it, and they’ve done tons of pap strolls all over New York. I think they color-coordinate their outfits too. Which is sure sign of steadiness and true love, yes? So obviously, Katie reportedly thinks that they could “go all the way.”

Could he be The One? Katie Holmes is “on cloud nine” in her relationship with boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr., a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“She feels so blessed to be with a centered, down-to-earth, kindhearted companion who isn’t affected by the fame and puts happiness and traditional values first,” the insider adds of the NYC-based chef, 33, who “treats her like a total princess.”

The Secret: Dare to Dream actress, 41, was first linked to Vitolo Jr. in September and the duo has been hot and heavy ever since. Though they’re still in the early stages of their romance, the pair are already getting “serious.” Despite “some concern” from her loved ones, Holmes isn’t afraid of how quickly her relationship with Vitolo Jr. has progressed.

“She doesn’t care what people may say about rushing into the romance,” the source tells Us. “In her mind, this is the real deal, they’re riding a beautiful wave together and she’s already decided it’s got the potential to go all the way.”

Though she’s faced her fair share of ups and downs in her love life, Holmes feels secure in her budding romance with Vitolo Jr., who was previously engaged to designer Rachel Emmons.

“Ultimately, she’s a grown woman who’s free to make her own choices,” the first source says. “She’s got some seriously protective friends and family though, so [Emilio] better carry on treating her this well if he knows what’s good for him!”

[From Us Weekly]

This made me think of how the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise love-bombed Katie circa 2005-06. She just fell into their trap and she was so blissed out and “in love” and no one could talk her out of it. I think certain people are just susceptible to that kind of “falling head over heels, never paying attention to the red flags” kind of love/obsession/weirdness. Katie’s lucky that with Emilio, she’s not diving head first into another soul-sucking cult. The biggest red flag – which she’s ignoring – is that Emilio callously dumped his fiancee as soon as Katie came around. So, whatever. She is a grown woman, let her have her fun.

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