Katy Perry’s hair stylist tries to explain why Katy’s janky pixie is still a good idea

These photos of Katy Perry are from a week ago, at the QVC “Shoes on Sale” gala. We didn’t get to cover these photos because we were too busy covering Princess Eugenie’s wedding! People were talking about the pics though – Katy looking like a Barbie all of a sudden, complete with a janky Barbie wig to cover her janky pixie cut. Personally, I’ve never been impressed with Katy’s styling, because her references are always super-obvious, like Betty Page and Dita Von Teese and Twiggy and Barbie. She changes styles like Madonna, but let’s give Madonna some credit: she has rarely beaten us over the head with the blatant hijacking of another woman’s “look,” and Madonna usually admits her inspirations quite openly. Katy always tries to pretend that she’s some kind of style vanguard. Speaking of, Katy’s hair stylist Rick Henry gave a lengthy interview to Us Weekly about the evolution of Katy’s ephemeral look. Some highlights:

Why Katy is still doing the blonde pixie: “We just wrapped up a year-long tour where there was a lot of styling going on, so we make sure that we use products that are going to be benefiting her hair and not hurting it. As you can tell, we’re bleaching her hair out all the time, so constant conditioning treatments is key to keeping the hair strong and healthy.”

Katy doesn’t want normal hair: “Katy is a very creative person, so normal hair isn’t fun to her. She makes for a great canvas to work on. No one wants to have the same hair everyday when they’re on the red carpet all the time, so we’re always trying to find that look and change it… We’re always trying to figure out what the next look is gonna be.”

Katy’s signature pixie cut. “She’s rocking her short hair and loves it. It gives women a sense of sexiness and takes a confident woman to pull off shorter hair. I love Twiggy and when I’m working with someone who has such a beautiful face and jaw structure it’s easy to pull of certain things, so I like to look back on things and people like that to get inspiration.”

Katy’s future hair: “She could say one thing today and one thing tomorrow… we’ll see what the future holds. … I feel like to stay relevant in the world and keep up on the modern trends, you have to change your look. The sky is the limit. I don’t think we have any boundaries of what we’re gonna do.”

[From Us Weekly]

Shall I start some kind of HAIR WAR? I’m ready: Katy Perry’s blonde pixie cut is trash. She’s had it too long, the bleach job looks cheap, the style doesn’t flatter her face and the blonde shade doesn’t work with her coloring. Some Katy stans will argue that she’s naturally blonde, and I’ll argue back that her natural hair color is probably a lot warmer – like a honey/dirty blonde, and the sh-t she has now is way too ashy. If I was in charge of Katy’s hair, I’d send her away for six months to grow out her hair and then I’d make her try a shaggy bob – without bangs – in a light brown.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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