Kellie Bright says baby Rudy ‘flew out’ as birth took less than two hours

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EastEnders star Kellie Bright has exclusively opened up to OK! about welcoming her newborn son Rudy Joy Stocker into the world, recalling how he “flew out” during her delivery which took less than two hours.

The actress, who plays Albert Square’s Linda Carter, gave birth to her and husband Paul Stocker’s third child on the 22nd July at 4.05pm – a little brother to their sons Freddy, nine, and Gene, four.

Recalling her labour, which came after she was induced at 37-and-a-half weeks, Kellie, 45, said: “It was a long build-up over two days but the actual delivery was so quick. He flew out!”

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, who says Rudy is the couple's “miracle” baby, explained: “I had my first pessary and initially it felt like things were happening, but then it all stopped.

“I was feeling really low about the situation and the fact I hadn’t got going. But then my midwife Clare gave me a sweep which was rather full-on but it did the trick – within two hours I was having quite intense contractions.”

She continued: “Paul had gone off for a coffee and when he came back I said, 'Something is really happening,' and all of a sudden my waters broke.”

After that, Kellie explained her contractions become “so quick” and “intense” that they took her “breath away” so she knew she needed to be moved to the labour ward.

And Kellie recalled the “hilarious” scenario of how the hospital staff arranged to get her there.

She explained: “They sent in a midwife with a wheelchair to take me to the labour ward. I said, 'I can’t sit on that!' I was in excruciating pain so they told me to kneel on it and hold on to the back.”

Kellie continued: “So I was kneeling on this wheelchair while my waters were still coming out of me. I’m in the throes of labour and this poor girl is having to wheel me down corridors and in and out of a lift.

“Paul was beside me and said it was hilarious. He said it was like a car crash – you couldn’t help but stare!”

Luckily they got there just in the nick of time, as once Kellie and Paul arrived on the ward, everything began to happen very quickly.

She revealed: “He arrived 20 minutes after I got to the labour ward and all I had was gas and air.”

“I didn’t want an epidural this time because I wanted to feel everything – it’s somewhere in the middle," she added. "It was all so quick but it was the birth I wanted.”

Opening up on the moment she held baby Rudy in her arms for the first time after he was born, Kellie said it was “beautiful”.

She smiled: “There were lots of tears of joy. It was a beautiful moment. I’ll never forget my midwives as they got me through it.”

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