Kenan Thompson: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Kenan Thompson, the longest-tenured Saturday Night Live cast member, jokes around with Us. Read on to learn 25 things about the Grinch star (in theaters November 9).

1. I used to hate mornings, but now I get it — sunrises are gorgeous!

2. I love my family more than anything, besides God. My wife [Christina Evangeline, 29] and babies [Georgia, 4, and Gianna, 3 months] are my world.

3. I’m a huge OutKast fan.

4. I can ice skate really well. The Mighty Ducks life is real.

5. I love going to sporting events. It’s so much fun and energizing being around all that madness between the game and the crazed fans.

6. I’m obsessed with my children’s smiles. It’s like looking at pure joy.

7. My wife’s been teaching me how to cook. I’m like a chef… as long as she instructs me at every step!

8. I’m a fan of all Atlanta sports teams! Rise up, Falcons!

9. I love riding bikes with Georgia. I can’t wait to teach Gianna. Rumor has it, my wife could use a lesson, too.

10. But I hate stationary bikes and treadmills.

11. At my first concert, the Isley Brothers, I was shorter than the entire crowd and I almost passed out from lack of oxygen. Not my favorite experience, which isn’t fair to Ronald Isley because he crushed it that night!

12. I love roller coasters and themed amusement park rides. I get really into the stories. It makes the ride more fun.

13. I’m beyond grateful for every musical performance I’ve witnessed at Saturday Night Live!

14. I picked up playing the guitar at SNL. My first song I learned was, coincidentally, “Hey Ya” by OutKast.

15. I want Neil deGrasse Tyson to be my best friend. He must be saved when the zombie apocalypse comes. We’re gonna need him!

16. Italy is my favorite country to visit so far.

17. I want to get my pilot’s license. I think it would be cool.

18. I’m really into cars. I watch YouTube videos about races all day at work.

19. I’m a prolific stock trader. I really enjoy finally being able to understand that crazy Wall Street ticker.

20. I wish I was more knowledgeable of Christina Hendricks’ [25 Things You Don’t Know About Me] list. She seems really smart and cultured!

21. I love the holidays starting with Halloween. I just love the coziness of the season’s change that begins with candy day.

22. My favorite restaurant in NYC is Il Mulino. (Ask for Claudio!)

23. I love changing diapers. I should clarify: baby diapers, not adult diapers!

24. I’m highly afraid of bees or anything that buzzes when it flies.

25. I went to Santa Monica College for two and a half years and remained a freshman somehow. I mean, I know how. Go to class, kids!

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