Khloe Kardashian had the coronavirus & there’s a KUWTK clip to prove it

I’m generally not down with all of the hysteria around various horrific Kardashian stories. Every time something awful happens to one of them, people spit out: “Oh, it’s all just for the reality show.” That happened with Kanye’s manic episodes, none of which were exploited on the show. That happened with Kim’s Paris robbery, none of which was shown on the show (only the aftermath in the days following the assault, and Kim dealing with the trauma). Yes, they exploit sh-t in their lives, like cheating scandals and drugs and alcohol abuse and all of that. But there’s a line and they usually don’t cross it.

All that being said, this came across as really… crass and exploitative, in a way. In the same week where Kim Kardashian posted photos and information from her private-island birthday getaway, E! producers cut together a KUWTK clip where we find out that Khloe Kardashian had the coronavirus several months ago. Here’s the clip:

First of all, how sick can Khloe be if she’s wearing winged eyeliner, mascara and those ridiculous fake nails? I look like ten kinds of sh-t when I just have a simple cold. People who have been puking their guts out with the damn coronavirus don’t put on foundation, powder, eye makeup, mascara and their acrylics just to film themselves on an iPhone talking about their corona.

And Kris Jenner talking about calling up every doctor she knows… holy YIKES. Those doctors are literally dealing with a deadly pandemic! I wonder if those doctors were like “is she well enough to put on mascara? Well then she’s going to be okay.”

Also: I do feel bad for Khloe, just like I feel sorry for everyone who gets the virus. The virus doesn’t care if you work out constantly, eat only salads and have an ass of lies. Corona is no joke, and if Khloe helps bring that home for people, good for her. But yeah. This clip just felt… off.

💛 BEST TRIP EVER!! Thank you Keeks 💛 📸 @pierresnaps

Photos courtesy of Khloe’s social media.

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