Kim Kardashian Fires Back At Mom-Shamers Calling Out Her Son, 2, For Using Pacifier

Haters, watch out! When mom-shamers came for her son Saint West’s pacifier, Kim was quick to set the record straight. See what she had to say!

Maybe it’s time Internet trolls get their facts straight before they start criticizing celebrity moms! Kim Kardashian, 37, was bashed for letting her son wear a pacifier when she posted a throwback pic with Saint West, 2, and Chicago West, 9 months, on Oct. 15. Haters immediately started going in on the mother of three, saying Saint’s teeth would be ruined if he kept sucking on a binky. The only problem? “He’s eating candy,” Kim clarified in her caption when she clearly couldn’t take the bashing anymore. Of course, mom-shamers will be mom-shamers, and they started criticizing Kim for giving her kids sugar. She seriously can’t win!

All of the negativity is crazy considering how cute the reality star’s picture was. How were trolls able to focus on the blue thing in Saint’s mouth — which was clearly a Ring Pop or something similar — when Kim, Chicago and Saint were busy being family goals? Kim had her hair in a sleek, high ponytail and was sporting a pink windbreaker with lighter-toned leggings and running shoes. Her baby girl was in her arms, and we don’t know what was cuter! Her two teeny buns or her itty bitty sweater and matching pants. Saint looked adorable, as well, walking beside Kim and holding her hand. The toddler was sporting a long-sleeve tee and sweats, skillfully sucking on his ring pop with no hands.

This isn’t the first time the reality star has been mom-shamed recently. In fact, she found herself facing major criticism when she let North West, 5, wear makeup.

Kim posted a sweet shot out and about with her daughter, and it was clear North had on pink eyeshadow — and possibly foundation. “STOP the makeup thing with North,” one person wrote on Kim’s Instagram. “She’s five, man.”

Ultimately, letting her kids wear makeup and eat candy is up to Kim! She isn’t asking her followers for parenting advice, so we don’t know why they keep giving it.

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