Kim Kardashian Posts Pic Of Tristan Thompson After Lakers Win

Kim Kardashian is showing some clear signs Tristan Thompson is back in good graces with the fam, and even potentially back with Khloe … because she posted a pic of him looking as happy as can be after Monday night’s Lakers win.

KK uploaded the snap of TT after Monday night’s W against the Golden State Warriors — with a big “YESSSSS GOOOOO LAKERS” plastered above his noggin. For the record, Tristan didn’t get any time on the court, but it’s a big team win nonetheless.

Worth noting, Kim appears to have taken the photo down as of Tuesday morning … unclear why.

Regardless, Kim was super happy for Tristan and co., chilling courtside for yet another Lakers game. She was also there Saturday, and posted a pic of Tristan after that big win as well.

This time, she was with her mom Kris Jenner and Kris’ boo Corey Gamble. A slew of other celebs were in the crowd — Chris Pratt, Floyd Mayweather, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, and Judd Apatow.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Together

The support from Kim comes after members of her fam went in hard on Tristan after the story broke that he fathered a kid with Maralee Nichols. It seems the ice has now thawed and Tristan is more than welcome in the brood.

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