‘King and Queen’s approach shows they won’t do anything to rock the boat’, says expert

Ever since his reign began last September, King Charles has introduced a handful of new modern proposals, but certainly nothing that has shaken the monarchy to its core.

The most significant of these changes was to make both The Princess Royal and The Duke of Edinburgh Counsellors of State – thereby removing the need for Prince Andrew or Prince Harry to have to step in if the King was ever abroad or otherwise incapacitated.

This approach of not drastically shifting how the Firm operates is something that former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond feels is entirely to the Monarch's credit.

Speaking to OK! after the King and Queen showed huge support for horse racing by both attending all five days of Royal Ascot, Jennie feels that Their Majesties will not rock the boat if they do not need to.

The expert said: "This is the time of year, when 'the season' has really swung into action starting with the Chelsea Flower Show, then the Derby, Trooping the Colour, the Garter ceremony, and then, of course, Royal Ascot.

"If they were going to break with tradition, then this was the year that the King and Queen would presumably have done so.

"Although Charles is less keen on the races, Camilla loves her horses and adores the thrill of the racecourse."

Referring to the fact that their Majesties attended all five days of Royal Ascot, Jennie added: "I don’t think it’s just a tribute to the late Queen or a way of keeping her legacy going, I think it is simply a well honed part of the structure of the royal year.

"I don’t think that Charles and Camilla are going to do much to upset that particular bandwagon or rock the boat.

"Things might be different when William and Catherine are on the throne but for now we can all watch the King and Queen cheering or grimacing as their horses do their best to make it past the winning post at Royal Ascot."

Their Majesties both shed a tear as they secured their first Royal Ascot win and saw their horse Desert Hero race home to victory in the King George V stakes.

The heartwarming moment on Ladies Day was sealed when the Duke of Kent presented the King and Queen with their trophy.

Slightly overcome with the excitement, King Charles briefly knocked over the silver cup on the podium, but order was quickly restored and he joked with his jockey, Tom Marquand.

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