Kourtney Kardashian Is Back On Her Younes Bendjima Bulls**t!

Say it ain’t so, Kourtney Kardashian! And don’t even give us that “we’re friends” line! LOLz!

As we’ve been reporting, the KUWTK star and super-mom is apparently back on her bulls**t with ex Younes Bendjima again, after photos were snapped of the pair holding hands out in public! And even though insiders are trying to downplay everything here, maybe that won’t work considering Kourt is clearly smitten as a kitten alongside the male model in the pics that got snapped in the first place! Just saying!!!

As we mentioned, an insider spoke to People on Saturday afternoon about the pictures, and desperately tried to downplay everything clearly going on between this pair that just can’t keep apart! To hear the source tell it, all the hand-holding is just, uh, a natural friend situation where they spend time together and definitely not a romantic sign or anything like that.


The insider shared (below):

“They spend some time together. It’s more of a friend situation. You could call it casually dating. It’s definitely not a relationship. They have known each other for a long time and Kourtney has fun with him. She isn’t happy about being photographed with him though. She has been trying to just keep it private.”

Hmm… girl if you’re not happy being photographed with him, why go so public with your mid-day dates?? And why hold hands out and about in the open?! LOLz!! Come on!!

But seriously, can y’all believe these two are back at it again after about a year far apart and broken up?! What gives, Kourtney?? As you might recall, repeated allegations of infidelity were the proverbial nails in the coffin for the couple as their relationship fizzled out one year ago. But what changed?

At the time, it sounded like dating Younes was seriously no fun at all, either. So the fact that Kourtney “has fun with him” now doesn’t make the most sense to us. Didn’t Kourt have a huge weight lifted off her shoulders when she dumped this dude in the first place?!

Of course, as you might recall, the male model did show up at Kourtney’s 40th birthday bash earlier this year, so maybe we should have known then that all avenues between the two weren’t shut down.

Whatever the case, well, it appears we’ve got a situation on our hands here, y’all!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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