Kourtney Kardashian Is Once Again Missing from the Kardashian Christmas Card and Fans Can't Deal

To everyone eagerly wondering whether or not the Kardashians dropped their annual Christmas card this year. Answer: they did. And there’s one question on everyone’s mind…did Kourtney Kardashian clear her busy schedule and participate in the shoot? Answer: she did not. Instead, Kim was joined by her sister Khloé and their mom Kris Jenner for a group shoot with a bunch of Kris’ grandkids. And literally everyone in the comments wasted no time roasting Kourtney for not participating.


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TBD on where Kourtney was for this shoot, but I guess it’s time to dust off this iconic Keeping Up with the Kardashian moment during which Kourtney refused to change her schedule (direct quote: “I’m leaving at 4 pm and I don’t care what anyone says”) to participate in a previous Christmas card shoot, and then Kim told her she was the least interesting to look at. MEMORIES!

Also, shoutout to Peppa Pig for managing to make her way into these photos! What an iconic time to be Peppa! Keep thriving!

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