Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, & More Stars Who’ve Perfected The ‘Look Back At It’ Pose On Instagram

From the classic ‘Look Down,’ to ‘Barbie feet,’ new Instagram poses seem to be popping up every day. Take a look at the best celebs who have perfected the ‘Look Back At It’ stance!

Look back at it! The lyric was made famous by 2 Chainz on his hit “I’m Different,” but the saying has become such a sensation that it’s a there’s a bonafide pose named after it on Instagram. Models, influencers, and even A-list celebrities seem to have the stance down to a science, and flawlessly pull off the pose time and time again. Kylie Jenner, 21, Bella Thorne, 20, and Emily Ratajkowski, 27, are among the stars who have taken to the gram to show off the junk in their trunk. See all the best ‘Look Back At It’ Instagram selfies here!

Kylie is not only a makeup maven, but a social media queen. Her Instagram is filled with sexy snapshots of all angles, but the reality star has definitely got the ‘look back at it’ pose down pat. Just look at how flawlessly she did in on Sept. 21, where she stunned in a brown strapless gown, she stunned as she leaned on the back of a car. The television personality titled her head slightly as she peered over one shoulder, and a few stands of her bubblegum pink hair fell to frame her face. The center of attention was not her brightly hued hair though – it was her buttox! She slayed this pose big time!

Bella Thorne is another selfie queen who could teach us all a thing or two about the ‘look back at it’ pose. I mean, just look at her Instagram post from this past May, where she strut herself downstairs as she looked back at the camera! In a black & white bodysuit, Bella ‘looked back at it’ and was serving up some major attitude. This photo oozes confidence, and her fiery red hair fell flawlessly at her shoulders in the pic.

Emily Ratajkowski showed some major skin in a ‘look back it’ selfie of her own. In a Sept 14 Instagram post, the model stunned in a cheeky swimsuit that left little to the imagination. Her black & white polka dot one-piece swimsuit clung to her every curve, as she looked over her right shoulder. The Instagram personality clearly had been hitting the beach – she looked incredibly tan! Be sure to see even more sexy ‘look back at it’ Instagram poses from your favorite celebs in the gallery above.

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