Kylie Jenner Dethroned as Instagram’s Highest-Paid Celebrity for Sponsored Posts – See Who’s Number 1 Now!

The list of the highest paid celebrities based on what they apparently are able to charge per Instagram post has been revealed.

Celebrities and influencers are often asked to post sponsored content, and Hopper HQ has compiled a list on how much money these celebs could charge per post.

The 2020 “Instagram Rich List” features the biggest names in Hollywood, and Kylie Jenner previously took the top spot on this list last year. However, she has been dethroned and now, the new number one is estimated to make over one million per post. Can you guess who it is?? It’s a hard-working actor who is best known as an action star!

Click through the slideshow to see which stars make the most money per sponsored posts on Instagram…

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