Kylie Jenner: I Don’t Need Family Anymore! I’m a Billionaire!

New mom Kylie Jenner has been stunning the world with her post-baby bikini body, but she’s more focused on her baby and her business these days.

In fact, she may be a little too busy to slum it with her siblings on the reality show that catapulted them all to stardom.

A new report says that Kylie wants to drop Keeping Up With The Kardashians because she’s a billionaire.

RadarOnline reports that Kylie may quit KUWTK. (Try saying that five times rapidly)

“Kris is desperate to keep Kylie on the show,” the insider warns.

The show is built on the power of their entire family. Unlike, say, Rob, viewers would miss seeing Kylie.

“And,” the source says, Kris “thinks that she is essential to renegotiating” how much they are paid and how much control the family maintains over production and editing.

That is, after all, something that Momager Kris will need to do “after the contracts end.”

But Kylie’s status as the world’s most powerful influencer may not be the leverage that Kris is seeking.

“But,” the insider notes. “She has a billion dollars already.”

Or close enough. Kylie Cosmetics is worth enough to make your eyes bleed, and the value keeps going up every year.

“She doesn’t need the show at all anymore,” the source reveals.

That could spell trouble for the family’s signature series.

Kylie hasn’t needed the show for a while. But now, she just has other priorities.

“Kylie wants to focus on her baby and her cosmetics line instead,” the insider explains.

Reality stardom has reportedly been getting old. Probably because she’s been at it for half of her life.

“She hasn’t been into the show in a while,” the source reports.

“And,” the insider continues. “It just has been really difficult for her to fit it into her already super busy schedule.”

If this report is true, it is understandable that Kylie feels this way.

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kris all signed up for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. They were grown adults. They had a choice.

Kylie was just a kid. This life path has been massively rewarding, but it’s not something that she chose for herself.

Kylie Cosmetics, however, is her baby. Stormi, in a much more literal sense, is also her baby.

It would make a lot of sense for her to focus on the things that she really wants in life instead of upon the things that were thrust upon her.

Especially if she doesn’t need that reality show paycheck to pay the bills.

But let’s look at this from another angle — and consider whether this report is true.

First of all, Kylie may feel some sense of familial obligation to help keep the show going. She’s certainly helped out her family before.

(Well, she helped out Rob before — he’s arguably the only adult in the family who really needs help with anything)

Second of all, we should remember that all of the Kardashian projects are inextricably tied to their respective brands.

That means that their bodies, their social media presence, their products, and their reality television appearances do not exist within a vacuum.

Kylie may fear that abandoning her family’s show could eventually cause her company to lose value.

There’s another huge factor.

Back in July, we learned that Life of Kylie was renewed.

If Kylie is really too fatigued to continue being on a show on which she is part of an ensemble cast, is she really going to keep doing a show on which she is the star?

We’re not suggesting that anyone place bets one way or the other, but while Kylie may feel conflicted, we wouldn’t be surprised if she sticks with KUWTK.

At least, we don’t expect her to jump ship until the show goes even further downhill.

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