Kylie Jenner Looks to Extend Makeup Line with Beauty Products for Eyes

Kylie Jenner is making a move to expand her makeup empire … it looks like she now wants her cosmetics line to cover magic potions for eyes.

Kylie’s company filed trademark docs to lock up the rights to a name for her potential new revenue stream … “KYLASH.”

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kylie is looking to use “KYLASH” in her growing makeup line to include more products … including extension fibers, cosmetic preparations, tints and serums for eyelashes.

The docs make it look like Kylie also wants to slap the name on eye makeup remover and mascara. So, she’s covering all her bases.

Kylie originally filed trademark docs for “KYLASH” back in 2018, but it was just for fake eyelashes … and now it looks like she’s extending the brand to other products.

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