Lady Gaga's Dog Walker 'Deeply Concerned' Alleged Shooter Released from Jail

Lady Gaga‘s dog walker is weighing in on the bungled release from jail of the man who allegedly tried to murder him.

Ryan Fischer called for the accused, James Howard Jackson, to turn himself in.  As TMZ reported, he was released this week due to some sort of clerical error, and he’s still on the loose.

Ryan says, “While I’m deeply concerned at the events that led to his release, I’m confident law enforcement will rectify the error. I ask for Mr. Jackson to turn himself over to the authorities, so resolution to the crime committed against me runs its course, whatever the courts determine that outcome to be. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me during this time.”

The 19-year-old Jackson allegedly shot Ryan in the chest as he and other attempted to nab Lady Gaga’s 3 French bulldogs as he was walking them in a residential area.

TMZ obtained the video which shows the brutal scene. Jackson allegedly took 2 of the dogs and left Ryan bleeding on the street.

The dogs were returned, but Ryan had a much tougher time.  He suffered from a collapsed lung and has suffered both physically and emotionally ever since.

Jackson is still on the loose.

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