Lauren Burnham Defends Arie Luyendyk Jr. Going Christmas Tree Shopping After Covid-19 Diagnosis

Arie Luendyk Jr. joined his family for Christmas tree shopping over the weekend and apparently dealt with some backlash due to going out in public following his Covid-19 diagnosis.

The former Bachelor star revealed to fans fans he’d tested positive in a video posted to Instagram on November 26, and Us Weekly reports that his wife Lauren Burnham has come to his defense on social—saying he’s since tested negative and is allowed to be in public.

After posting a bunch of pictures from their Christmas tree shopping trip, Lauren shared a DM from a fan that asked “Doesn’t Arie have COVID? Why are you out and about?”

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She reportedly replied, “Arie’s quarantine period is over per CDC guidelines and doctor advice. He even got a negative test before rejoining Alessi and I in the house to make me feel more comfortable even though that’s not necessary according to the CDC. He’s cleared!”

Arie isolated himself from his family after testing positive from Covid, and shared that Lauren had been taking care of him, saying “Lauren has been really sweet. She’s been keeping me fed. She just slides some food outside and then I go get it.”

Glad everyone is safe and healthy.

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