Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson snap at one another in unearthed clip amid feud

A video ofJesy NelsonandLeigh-Anne Pinnockarguing has resurfaced in the wake of the ongoing tension between the pair.

Jesy released her debut single Boyz last week featuring Nicki Minaj, and has since been accused of blackfishing – which means to accuse someone of pretending to have Black or mixed race heritage.

Soon after its release,TikToker NoHun shared a message allegedly from Leigh-Anne’s Instagram accountwhere she appeared to also accuse the 30 year of blackfishing.

Following the accusations, Little Mix fans have been hunting for evidence to back the idea that Jesy and Leigh-Anne never really liked one another, despite having been in the band together for over a decade.

Adding fuel to the fire, one eagle-eyed individual found a clip from The Search a show where members of Little Mix become mentors as they put together a boyband where Jesy and Leigh-Anne were filmed disagreeing with each other over a band’s audition.

Leigh-Anne says to her then-bandmate who criticised the group: “Jesy, I don’t know what you were listening to.”

Jesy then talks over Leigh-Anne while trying to defend her comments to the group of hopefuls.

“No listen, I said you can’t fault it,” Jesy says. “But I did say something was missing for me. I didn’t say anything was bad, but there was something missing.”

One person shared the clip on Twitter and accused Jesy of being “aggressive” towards Leigh-Anne. They wrote: “Y’all acting so surprised that Jesy was THIS aggressive with Leigh-Anne when just about all the most recent lm interviews w/ the 4 of them, Jesy gave nothing but stank faces whenever Leigh was speaking.”

In light of the alleged feud between the two singers, Little Mix fans have been left divided with some defending Jesy, while others have defended Leigh-Anne.

One person tweeted: “Yeah so tell Leigh Anne that. She the one that started this whole thing being bitter and trying to tarnish Jesy brand by hitting up random bloggers to make videos to make Jesy look bad. So tell Leigh Anne that.”

Meanwhile, someone else accused Nicki Minaj of making things worse following her Instagram livestream with Jesy where sheappeared to call Leigh-Anne a “clown” .

They wrote: “I feel like Jesy Nelson did nothing wrong or hurt anyone with the Boyz Video but I do agree she should have said something to @NICKIMINAJ about going off on Leigh-Anne and simply say this is between them, she must not butt in cause now the rift between them is huge now.”

However, others believe Jesy is “playing the victim”. One Leigh-Anne fan wrote: “Jesy so confidently said ‘Leigh Anne only mentioned the blackfishing at our last video shoot’ and tried to play the victim (again) when really she outed how ignorant and dismissive of this issue she is.”

OK! have contacted both Leigh-Anne and Jesy’s representatives for comment.

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