Liam Gallagher Questioned Over Alleged Domestic Violence

British rocker Liam Gallagher has been questioned as a possible suspect in an incident that authorities have been investigating as “consistent with assault,” according to BBC News. The probe stems from The Sun publishing of surveillance footage and photographs that show a man choking a woman over the summer. That man is alleged to have been Gallagher and the victim is believed to be his girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther.

“Officers are aware of footage of an incident consistent with assault believed to have taken place in August 2018 at a licensed venue in Chiltern Street, Marylebone. The footage has been assessed and inquiries will be made into the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident,” a spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police Service confirmed over the weekend.

The recording in question was obtained from the Chiltern Firehouse hotel restaurant and released on August 25. In it, the victim can be seen following the suspect through a long corridor before he suddenly turns around and grabs her by the throat. The attack causes her head to whip back violently. She then momentarily stumbles to find her footing and turns around to retreat after they exchange a gaze.

The Sun went ahead and published the visuals one day after its report on the incident was met with denial from both Gallagher, 45, and Gwyther, 36. At the time, Gallagher called the tabloid’s credibility into question and swore via Twitter that he has never put his hands “on any woman in a vicious manner.” Gwyther followed up on his rejection of the story by adding that she was intent on suing The Sun over what she called a “pack of lies.” Gallagher and Gwyther would later address the controversy again for their followers on Instagram.

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In his initial statement on the allegations, Gallagher challenged The Sun‘s indication that he wound up getting tossed from the establishment that evening and that from the sidewalk curb he was overheard shouting the words, “She is a witch. It was her fault. She is a witch. She is a f**king witch.”

“There is only 1 witch and we all know who that is,” his responding tweet contended.

In all likelihood, Gallagher included that line in his retort as a means of throwing a little shade towards his brother Noel’s wife Sara, who he badgered and blamed for ruining the prospects of him and his brother joining up for a reunion, earlier this year. As Spin would report, Gallagher’s reference to Sara as “the witch” in a string of late February tweets ultimately served to reignite their decades-long sibling rivalry.

There is no word on whether authorities investigating the domestic disturbance have corroborated the account of Gallagher being expelled from Chiltern Firehouse or making those remarks that evening.

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